We envision a world where mental fitness is more commonplace than anything else in our lives.


Mental fitness is ultimately what fuels us for everything we live for.

We believe that when an individual is equipped with the right tools and resources to build and practice their own mental fitness routine, they're empowered to navigate the complexities of life with more ease.

At MYNDY (/mind-E/), we’re evolving together. Our logo is a reflection of The MYNDY Model, representing the 6 muscles that help you get where you want to go + the 3 movements that propel you in that direction.


the elements / confidence, optimism, resilience, energy, heart, and focus

Many people think that these are traits– when in fact, they are muscles you can build over time with our exercise-based programming.

MYNDY is a holistic, research-based framework for mental fitness that can help you understand, identify and work on the elements of your mind that need to be strengthened.

The MYNDYModel

Push then a Hug

We're here to help you grow, learn, think, and live differently. We push each other because we're all here on common ground to do things a little differently, and we recognize that change isn’t meant to be easy. The hug, celebration, and appreciation is essential for our minds and hearts to keep going – so we do that, too.


Your Practice as a Rhythm

Progress is essential for humans – we need it to feel good, grow, and evolve. But we believe it's not just progress that builds a mental fitness practice; figuring out how to balance the flow of your every day by stopping and slowing (in addition to go-ing) is key.

Mental Fitness as a 'Lifetime Individual Sport'

It's about a “lifetime" because the MYNDY Model is built to change the way we think about mental health and self-development from "fixing" to "evolving." It's about a sustainable way of thinking and doing. It's "individual" because it’s done by you, but made more enjoyable, easier, and inspiring in the company of others.

You as the Expert

Like in a fitness class, you know how hard and what to push – the same is happening here. Only you know what you need; we're here to hold space, to help you understand elements of mental fitness, and then hold you accountable to fill that space with what works for you.

The Individual as the Catalyst

MYNDY empowers you with the tools – you are the catalyst who puts them into action for your unique mental fitness journey. We believe that when given the proper framework to discover what you need and when you need it, you’re empowered to build your own practice. 





One of the biggest challenges Lissy faced as a professional and that she witnessed in high-growth organizations was the struggle with mental fitness among employees. This became the motivation behind creating MYNDY: to help people build confidence, optimism, resilience, and energy into their lives so they can thrive both personally and professionally.

Before building MYNDY, Lissy specialized in working with organizations to measure and operationalize culture, improve engagement, and enhance workforce development. Her systems-approach to problem solving was born out of her time working with Fortune 500 companies (such as JPMorgan, American Express, and The New York Times) and startups (as a founding member of the enterprise team at General Assembly). Whether she’s working with individuals on their personal growth or with organizations on cultural transformation, Lissy’s work and experience is focused on bridging the gap between intention and outcomes. Lissy is a graduate of Cornell University and received her MBA from MIT. 

When she’s not at work, Lissy loves spending time with her family (she's a twin), playing “Chopped” in her own kitchen, and consuming (and sometimes practicing) comedy.


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