Strengthen Your Focus
Muscle in 5 Days

Join our 5-day text challenge where you will learn about the science & practice of focus. Leave with a system for focus that finally works for you!

Next Challenge Coming Winter, 2022

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The practice of moving your attention or intention to one thing.


Is This Text Challenge Right For You?

Feeling overwhelmed by the amount of things on your to-do list?

Struggling to manage distractions or procrastinating on important tasks?

Trying to create a system that prevents you from burning out in your day-to-day life?

Trying to be more present & cultivate a sense of calm so you can show up fully for your relationships?

How Does It Work?

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Assess Your Focus Needs

Each focus program is tailored to your specific needs, starting with an assessment to help identify areas to work on.

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5 Days of Focused Texting

Every day you will be greeted by a few unobtrusive texts to help you learn about our 6 conditions for focus & keep you on track.

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Celebrate Your Results

At the end of your program, you will leave with a system for focus that works for you and a clear way to measure results. 


What's Included?


Bite-sized science helps you understand how focus impacts every part of your day-to-day mental fitness.

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Short games and activities help you implement healthy habits & practice bouncing back from moments of distraction.


Accountability & motivation are a big part of the learning process. Your coach & buddy help you celebrate your highs & manage your lows.

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Why Are People Joining?

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Workout Your Focus Muscle
One Text at a Time

Next Challenge Coming Winter, 2022