Spend more time feeling focused and energized, and less time feeling stressed and tired.

MYNDY is personal training for your mind.

A tennis ball sitting at the center of a court, showing balance

How do you work on your mind so that it works for you?

MYNDY provides 2 week coaching sprints (the plan + accountability) to feel focused, calm, and energized.

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Meet Your Trainer

We match you with a MYNDY Certified personal mental fitness trainer to work with you every step of the way

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Move Your Mind, Daily

Develop a personalized mental fitness routine, delivered via text, designed to strengthen your mind

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See and Feel Results

Leverage the MYNDY Mental Fitness model and track your progress to see and feel tangible results in your day, week and month

Why Customers Love MYNDY

Maddie G
Director of communications
“I rely on the toolset I learned from MYNDY regularly, whether I’m dealing with truly challenging situations or mundane 7th-Zoom-of-the-day leadership.”
Jill W
Marketing Director
Fashion & Beauty
“MYNDY helped me realize that the practice of mental fitness doesn't have to be an entire overhaul of your routine. It's made up of small steps that build consistently over time. When they say 10 minutes a day, believe them.”
Gabby M
VP Customer Experience
Human Capital
“While therapy helps me understand the history and genesis of my emotions, MYNDY gives me simple, applicable everyday tools to harness them.”
Amanda A
Founder and ceo
"MYNDY was the most transformational and effective mindfulness practice I have EVER done. I've tried several meditation apps but could never stick with it and did not see results. I was nearing burnout when I started MYNDY, and by the end of the first week my whole mindset and energy shifted."

The MYNDY Difference

Actually Doable Mental Fitness Training

No need to block out your calendar or sift through the articles in your inbox – MYNDY is designed to be simple, comprehensive and fit into your unique schedule…and it only takes a few minutes a day.

A woman who has just worked out on a call with a trainer
A screenshot of the MYNDY app on a phone

Short Routines for Big Results

We’ve worked hard so you don’t have to. Our research-backed model helps you strengthen your mind in just minutes a day. With plans tailored for you and your unique needs, we help to build big energy into your day, week and year.

A (Real Human!) Personal Trainer for Your Mind

With a trusted MYNDY trainer in your corner, you’ll have the confidence, support, and occasional kick-in-the-butt you need to keep going.

a happy and content man with his arms crossed
A screen shot from the MYNDY app showing effort score

A Personalized System for Lasting Impact

MYNDY helps you build a daily framework to make better decisions about how to treat your mind like the asset that it is. It’s not just about getting in shape, it’s about staying in shape. Our mental fitness programs build the MOMENTUM you need, daily.

What is Mental Fitness?

Just like you go to the gym to strengthen your body, you can take steps to strengthen your mind.

Mental fitness is the proactive practice of doing small exercises to strengthen your mind, to improve the rhythm of your life.

The MYNDY Model

Our proprietary MYNDY Model helps you build "mental muscles" (things like resilience and confidence) that get you unstuck during the key moments of your life. We teach you how to work on your mind so that it simply works for you.

Three tennis balls on a tennis court, denoting the three aspects of the MYNDY Model

Your daily mental fitness routine, with the support you need

MOMENTUM Mental Fitness Personal Training Sprint


one-time fee*
Daily, live support and from your own personal trainer
Personalized two-week plan with daily exercises, live tracking and real-time results
Access to our daily MYNDY Routine Builder
*INCLUDES: 2-week training sprint + 6-month access to mental fitness tool

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm in therapy - is MYNDY still helpful?

Most likely - yes! That said, it depends on what you’re working on when it comes to your mental health (see the illness v. wellness question below). For mental health diagnoses (anxiety, depression, bipolar), spending time to understand and work through “big T and little t” traumas, and/or going through a difficult transition, therapy can be so impactful. In addition, ensuring you have and *maintain* the right daily behaviors that promote positive mindset and wellness are key - no matter what you’re going through. That’s where we come in! We have plenty of clients who find immense value from the program, in therapy or not, but we do suggest you speak with your Therapist if there's any question about timing or fit given the work you're doing with them.

How is Mental Fitness different from Mental Health?

Great question! Mental Health is a large category that can include our “emotional, psychological, and social well-being.” We break these things down using the “Illness-Wellness'' continuum (HT: Dr. John Travis): on the left side is illness, things like mild depression to severe bi-polar and on the right side is wellness: things like vitamin supplements and self help books.

At MYNDY we define mental fitness as the things you do on a regular basis to prevent illness and promote wellness. Our definition is formally: the sustained and proactive “practice of doing small exercises, to improve the rhythm of your life”. These exercises pull from across disciplines like neuroscience, psychology and behavioral science to practice things like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), breathwork, meditation, journaling, drawing, visualization and so much more. The MYNDY model pulls them together in a holistic, easy to use framework for you to practice each day.

When should I use MYNDY?

Are you dealing with a high workload, frustrating people, or feeling unimportant leading you to feel tired, disappointed, stressed, overwhelmed, negative, burned out or alone? We got you.

Our trainers are experts in our mental wellness model and are there to help you change your behaviors by making a do-able plan and supporting you as your accountability partner! We help deal with challenges to your mental wellness like stress and burnout to promote feelings of calm, focus and energy so you can spend less time in your lows, and more time feeling good. 

We meaningfully complement your meditation practice (see why we’re different), therapy visits, and other wellness routines. However, we are not a mental health company and our trainers are *not* mental health professionals. In the same way you would never go to the gym and expect to heal a sprained ankle, you wouldn’t come to our mental fitness programs and expect to heal a mental health issue like anxiety or bipolar.*

Who is MYNDY for?

MYNDY is built for the busy, modern professional, or corporate athlete, who spends most of their time 1. Helping others and/or 2. At work (usually in front of a computer or phone). They’re usually leaders, managers, parents, or individuals who spend their lives helping others, but have few places to go where they’re supported as an individual. They also spend a lot of time at or thinking about work and have a hard time turning off literally and figuratively. We know you’re busy and don’t have yet another hour in your day, let alone an extra 30 minutes for something new. We got you.

How do companies work with MYNDY?

After years of working with individuals, we are bringing our mental fitness training programs to organizations. We help them to improve focus, resilience, performance and overall excitement of employees (via: human accountability + tech application). We give companies a simple, research-backed framework for their wellness programming and make it actually-doable given busy schedules and wallets (re: time commitment + cost). 

We've worked to keep things simple in terms of our initial pilot so it's super easy for you to opt-in as an individual level (with a credit card) before socializing MYNDY with the wider organization. We encourage leaders to reach out to our team if you’re interested in learning more at team@myndy.co!

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