Your mynd is like a muscle.

Mental Fitness is the practice of treating it like one.

Our brains are in overdrive. And it's a big problem for our work.

Stress and burnout are at an all-time high – with 84% of millennials say they have experienced burnout at their current job.

When you feel this way, everything becomes hard. Grocery shopping, going to the gym, or even just taking a meeting is a chore – and the really important things, like asking for a raise? Feel impossible.

There have never been more products and services to work on your mind, but most are focused on temporary relief rather than sustained, long term impact.

And that's where we come in.

a distressed and curved tennis court with three balls rolling down, denoting stress

Introducing the MYNDY Model

Work on your mind so that it works for you.

Your brain is a pattern maker and repeater, and your mindset is a filter for those patterns. We help you by training you on effective exercises - and regularly holding you accountable to them - in order to develop the patterns your mind needs to build a more balanced, focused and resilient perspective on your day, week and year - despite the inevitable difficulties you experience.

a diagram showing the daily movements

3 Daily Movements

The 3 daily micro-movements (stop, slow, and go) that help your mind feel meaningfully better each day. These are fundamental to building the right daily mindset.

 a diagram showing the 6 mental muscles

6 Mental Muscles

The 6 mental muscles that promote the right behaviors to give you a push when you’re feeling stuck, uncertain, out of control, stressed or tired.

MYNDY complements
your current routines.


Therapy can be incredibly impactful to help with mental health issues like anxiety, episodic depression, life transitions and/or, process big T and little t traumas. We’re here to help you plan and be accountable to daily behaviors that when repeated, shift your mindset and energy levels so that you can spend less time there.

Meditation Practice

Meditation is powerful - but it can be hard to get started AND stick to. Our holistic solution pulls cross-discipline to practice sitting still, and also actively working on new thought and behavioral patterns that promote mindset and energy. Yes, meditation is a piece of the puzzle, but not the whole thing for our members.

Fitness Classes

We love fitness. You can’t move your body without moving your mind. That said, movement alone is rarely enough to shift your mindset, and increase feelings of focus, calm and perspective. We’re here to compliment your fitness routines with quick exercises that work out your mind (in addition to your body).

9 tennis balls on a court, all together

MYNDY: A History

MYNDY was started in 2020 by Lissy Alden, but the foundation for the model began in 2015 at MIT. Through her research and work with organizations to measure and operationalize culture, improve employee engagement and development, Lissy discovered that stress and burnout in a corporate setting wasn’t being addressed in an affordable, systemic and measurable way.

After working with hundreds of clients over the past 9+ years, the model would be built and tested in board rooms at VCs and companies like Google. In working with these corporate athletes (professionals), the demand for a research-backed model for Mental Fitness became clear – and with no clear solution for professionals and their teams, MYNDY was born.

MYNDY Success Stories

A photo of the subject on stage holding an award

A Founder Under Pressure

Ben Green is a founder and CEO, and there’s a ton of demand on his time, body, and mind. Ben turned to MYNDY to help manage his burnout and keep bringing the best, most effective version of himself to his work.

20% Increase in Sleep
Improved Focus and Mental Acuity
Built Routines for Mental and Physical Fitness

“MYNDY was a game changer for my daily routines. As a founder, I tend to overextend myself to be more effective – but after implementing the MYNDY framework in my daily life, I’m even more effective but without increasing my stress levels.